Green Afghanistan Agriculture and Livestock Organization


    We envisage a peaceful and green Afghanistan where life is possible with highest societal values and living standards for all.


    We serve to provide Afghan people with opportunities through meaningful initiatives that change their lives for better.

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    Green Afghanistan Agriculture and Livestock Organization (GAALO) is a non-government, non-political and not for profit organization. The organization was registered with ministry of economy in 2009. GAALO is an active member of ACBAR, ANCB and AVA.

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    GAALO is committed to identify new and innovative approaches to meet the needs of its target groups. We believe in a change not through a radical dynamics of revolution, but to unfold the social issues with positive solutions of social development mechanisms. Our work focuses on identifying the most critical and challenging problems, develop successful strategies, build effective institutions and create efficient delivery mechanisms. We base our programs on facts and data, not mere assumptions.

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    The core team of GAALO consists of highly qualified professionals having many years of working experience in the development and research sectors. GAALO utilizes the services of a vast group of professionals from a variety of disciplines.

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